Minor Training Accident

Some say they become inevitable with all the training and various activities that we take part in as athletes. I am speaking of accidents and injuries.

Last Sunday I was rollerskiing and had a small mishap. The strap on my right pole had come loose and I tried to adjust it while in motion. As I brought my hand in front of me to adjust the strap, the tip of my pole caught the road surface, shooting my right fist into my face. I was briefly stunned but managed to stay upright. Luckily none of my teeth were knocked loose, but I felt like I had a hole through my lower lip and could feel the taste of blood in my mouth.


The culprit.


The damage at the distal end of the pole.

The frustrating part of this ordeal was the fact that I have recognized the potential for this danger before, and usually would stop to adjust my strap. However this time I was frustrated with how often I had to adjust it, so I tried to do so on the fly.

Fortunately I did not have a hole through my entire lip, and I was able to have the cut on the outside of my lip sutured in less than two hours. I then went directly to the ski shop to get some new straps and tips for my poles. I am healing well, but this will serve as a good reminder to always keep my equipment in good shape whatever the sport I’m taking part in. Stay safe!


The damage at the proximal end of the pole.


Just five days later – the body’s ability to heal is quite remarkable.

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