As skiers, we do a lot of training on hills. Running up hills, hiking up mountains, cycling up hills, or striding up hills with ski poles – we do it all. Sometimes it can all feel a bit pointless and painful. This reminds me of Sisyphus – the King of Ephyra who was punished for his trickery by having to roll a heavy stone up a hill for eternity. Every time he reached the top of the hill the stone would roll down and he would be forced to start again. Fortunately it’s not pointless for us – if done well, it will make us stronger and faster when the winter rolls around, and we’ll be able to glide down the back side of the hill on our skis, picking up speed and recovering enough to tackle the next hill with vigour.

In the meantime, hills produce some lovely heart rate and elevation versus time graphs. I’m not sure why I find these so attractive – perhaps they serve as concrete proof that some quality training has been completed.


Lately, the summer has been mercifully cool and without excessive humidity so the training has been going very well. I hope to have some updates and pictures from recent training camps in Vermont and Orillia on the website soon. Thanks for reading!

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