Canadian Rockies

I have had a few people contact me lately with concerns about my lack of online  communication – I’d just like to say don’t worry, the less I’m blogging, the more I’m training! I have been in Canmore, Alberta since October 22nd and I leave on Friday this week. I certainly wish I didn’t have to leave.  I have gotten into a beautiful routine of training over 4 hours every day, and eating and sleeping very well to recover adequately. In the last two weeks I have witnessed the mountains transition from fall to winter. I realised today that if all goes according to plan I will have skied more days this year before my first race than I skied all of last year! Granted I did have a fairly mediocre season last year… Enjoy the photos!


When I arrived in Canmore, Frozen Thunder was the only snow around.


Rollerskiing was still possible and very enjoyable along the Vermillion Lakes. (Mt. Rundle in the background)


The staff at the Canmore Nordic Centre take snowmaking seriously and do so whenever they can.


The biathletes also never seem to stop, training on the range well after dark.


Last weekend the natural snow arrived in town.


I had a rest day in my schedule which was really hard to adhere to on a day like this! I took the opportunity to walk around town a bit.


My stroll took me along a stream…


And back into town, where I found an excellent public bike repair station – every community should have one!


I also discovered some public art, possibly inspired by Ozymandias?


Canmore’s iconic Three Sisters.


Ha Ling peak in the afternoon light.

With the natural snowfall it was possible to ski the Moraine Lake Road outside of Lake Louise. The 1hr drive from Canmore was definitely worth it. Today was probably my favourite day of skiing in my whole life!  It’s not every day that you get to ski 24km in the mountains, on extra blue kick wax in early November! It was so bright that my camera was overwhelmed, so I tried to shoot some of these photos through my sunglasses.


Looking North from the Moraine Lake Road.


Beginning the descent to the lake.


Ridgeline above Moraine Lake.


What a place to ski!


What’s that in the distance?


It’s me! All the best wherever you may be!

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  1. “Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
    And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command…”

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