Rest Week

Upon returning from Canmore it was time for a rest. The body needs time to recover and prepare for the upcoming training and races. The cover photo for this article photo was taken by my friend Graham, and I chose it to symbolize the calm before the storm – the storm being the race season which begins in two weeks.


Photo: Graham Vickowski


The less glamorous part of my life these days. Arriving in Toronto from Calgary/Canmore.

I have found it very hard to find something to write about this week. During my rest week I had ten hours of training to complete, in contrast with the twenty hours that I might complete while away training, I felt like a complete layabout. So what did I do? All sorts of mundane tasks. I went to the bank, I took Murphy in for an oil change and to get winter tires put on, I made an appointment for an influenza immunization. I booked flights, rental cars and accomodation for the race season ahead. I also caught up on lots of emails (I always try to have 10 or fewer emails in my inbox and it serves as a “to do” list for me. I’m currently at 8 – feel free to send me an email!)

I also managed to enjoy things that I don’t get to do too often – sleeping in, visiting some friends, reading a book (50 Great Short Stories edited by Milton Crane, and Alpinist magazine), listening to some music (The sountrack from the film “Searching for Sugarman” by Sixto Rodrigues) and watching some films. (“The Ambassador“, and the latest James Bond if you’re curious.)

Then I did some cooking, laundry, work in the garden, unpacked and cleaned skis and wax equipment, and repacked it all again!


Murphy is ready and eager for another winter of faithful servitude.

I think it’s time to conclude what may have been the least interesting posting this blog has seen. Earlier this week Petr and I made a 12 hour drive to Foret Montmorency where we are conducting our final block of training before racing. If all goes well I will have photographs of this fascinating place for you tomorrow!

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