Spring Paddling

In April and May of this year I was able to go on some fantastic paddling trips both by kayak and canoe. My first trip took me and my friend Alex among the ice floes of Lake Ontario as the ice was breaking up in the spring. Much to our surprise we encountered a migrating snowy owl on a small ice covered island. It was a moment I will never forget.

In May my brother and I set off on a short canoe trip through Frontenac Provincial Park. Despite cold, rainy, wet and muddy conditions we discovered we could travel incredibly well together and completed our route in record time.


Ontario or Greenland?


Alex enjoying the view.


A snowy owl taking a break during its migration north.


Lots of ice left on this northern aspect.


My brother portaging both pack and canoe – hard work!


A rare sunny afternoon allowed us to dry out our equipment.


Spectacular beaver dam, and questionable sense of fashion.

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