Farewell New Brunswick!

Four months have passed without me blogging, and my favourite month – September is here! I can reassure my readers that instead of blogging, I had a very busy summer, working many shifts at the hospital, and training hard (and smart!) of course. Between the standard running, strength, and cycling training I managed to get away for a few short trips, from which I’ve included pictures below.

I have also moved away from New Brunswick, taking a leave of absence from my position for 13 months. I must thank my co-workers, fellow ski and biathlon club members, and the people of New Brunswick for making my last 15 months in the province an amazing and unforgettable experience – I hope to be back in October 2016!

What am I up to for the next 13 months? I suppose you’ll just have to keep reading this blog over the coming weeks to find out…


May 2015 – another trip into the Chic Choc Mountains.


It may not be apparent in the photo – but those cornices are huge!


We observed this moose from a distance, for close to an hour.


Oh dear – very close!


The sun is shining, but the Atlantic is still icy cold in May – don your drysuits!


June 2015 – the Restigouche River at its finest.


Passing a salmon fishing boat.


A perfect campsite.


My friend and training partner Brennan traveled all the way from Switzerland to join me on the river!


I had never eaten lobster before living in New Brunswick!


Doing some hiking above Carleton-sur-Mer.


Wind farm.


One of the higher points outside of the Chic Choc mountains.


Waterfalls, elaborate staircases.


After years of faithful service, Murphy was sold.


Always planning the next adventure…

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