Due to the school year starting later in the UK than many other countries, I was able to take a long weekend trip to Slovenia. This was possible largely thanks to the availability of cheap flights on discount airlines all across Europe. Once in Slovenia, my trip began with a bus trip passing by Lake Bled, and Lake Bohinj. It was a Thursday afternoon and I began with a hike into the mountains to the nearest open hut. Friday brought an almost absurdly long day where I covered a large distance in variable weather. I was hoping to climb Triglav – the highest point in Slovenia, but in the end I turned back at 2500m due to slippery snow. I think I may have been able to make the summit, but I would not have seen anything due to the fog, and the risk of a slip and fall on the way down while hiking alone was unacceptable. I saw two people at the start of my day, but then no one for the rest of my journey – but I did see close to 20 chamois over the day! Saturday morning brought a hike out of the mountains and a bus journey to the capital city Ljubljana. After a pleasant afternoon and evening in the capital, it was off to bed to catch a flight back to London on Sunday morning. A short but successful trip!


Sunrise above a cloud covered Lake Bohinj.


The best weather of the whole trip – Friday morning.


A small mountain lake in an austere landscape.


This chamois was a little more curious than his friends. 


The best view I got of Triglav.


Just a few minutes later I decided to turn back.


Not much snow, but very slippery.


Dom Planika hut at 2400m – closed for the season.


Visibility improved a bit on the descent.


Downtown Ljubljana.


An exhibit of Roman ruins found across Slovenia.


Ljubljana throughout the ages.

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