St. Albans

I’m back in England! Last week I took advantage of a rare sunny day to make a short trip by bicycle to the neighbouring town of St. Albans. I recently acquired a single speed bicycle, perfect for the flat landscape around Hatfield. The simplicity of the machine has reminded me how beautiful bike riding is, and what an incredible sense of freedom it gives.

I don’t know much about St. Albans, except that it has much more character and history than the town of Hatfield where I am studying. It also has a cathedral with the longest nave of any cathedral in England. I didn’t manage to capture its full 84m length with my camera.

Being back in England means that I’m also back to training for rowing. I hope to write a proper post about the sport eventually. In the meantime I’ve included some pictures of our boathouse and the river/canal that we row on to give a general idea of where I’m spending my time.


Looking back towards the University of Hertfordshire.


Downtown St. Albans.


The western end of the cathedral.


A very rare blue sky at this time of year.


Various phases of construction are visible.

 House behind the cemetery.


Lea Rowing Club boathouse. 


The River Lea – a well built up canal at this point, with plenty of barges to watch out for. 

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