Canadian Masters Championship

This coming February 12th -18th the Aventuriers ski club in Charlo, New Brunswick will be hosting the 2017 Canadian Masters Cross Country Ski Association National Championship. Four races will be held during the week – short and long distance classic and skate races.

The purpose of this post is to shamelessly tempt Canadian Masters skiers (anyone aged 30 or older) to attend this event in the wonderful corner of the world that I’m living in at the moment.

I first discovered the Acadie region of Canada in 2014. The winters are still long and cold here with snow aplenty. French is widely spoken here and the locals will be sure to welcome you most warmly. It is a unique region definitely worth visiting.

I’m still one year short of Masters eligibility so I won’t be racing this year. Unfortunately I don’t know my work schedule yet, but if I’m free I’ll be happy to show skiers around, help with waxing, and offer anyone that needs it space on my living room floor – but I’m sure you can find more comfortable accomodation in the region.

Lots more information is available here and here, with registration here. Please don’t hesitate to contact me by commenting below if you have any questions.


Beautiful trails await at Les Aventuriers.


No shortage of snow here – break out the race skis.


Lots of trails to choose from.


Beautiful rivers.


A spectacular dam upstream.


An excellent competition centre alongside the stadium area.


A biathlon range – though this is just an XC championship.


Relax in the main chalet after your races.


Site of the 2003 Canada Games, 2004 XC Nationals, 2011 + 2014 Canadian Biathlon Champs.


3X Canadian Olympian Milaine Theriault has skied here.


Brian McKeever – 4X Paralympian and absolute skiing legend has been here (or at least he left his bib).


Come enjoy winter in New Brunswick!

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