February Update

February is flying by. I have been racing less and training more, in preparation for the World Championships in Finland. I begin my travels tomorrow via Moncton, Toronto, Amsterdam and Helsinki. The weather looks good, so I am fairly confident that I will arrive on time, though I’m not sure I can say the same about my skis. The risk of a missed transfer goes up with each flight connection.

I have also spent more time with my new compact mirrorless camera, and am starting to learn how to use Lightroom software more effectively. I still have lots to learn, but I’m fairly happy with the quality of images I’m producing.

Finally, I spent this morning taking pictures at the final race (20km Skate) of the Canadian Masters Championships. I am still one year too young to compete as a “Master” in cross country skiing. It was strange not to be competing, but I enjoyed moving around the course taking pictures.

Looking forward to Finland and I’ll try to take some pictures of the action so that I can share those in March. For anyone interested in following the results, I will be racing a 10km Classic qualification race on Feb. 22, and the Skate Sprint on Feb. 23.


Training with the Leclair brothers.


The view from my kitchen window.


New wide angle lens in action.


Mass start ready to go.


The pack split into several groups.


Skiers from all over Canada came to race in New Brunswick.


Some races were hotly contested. 

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