Finland Vacation

After racing in Lahti I took some time to ski at a more relaxed pace with Laura’s family, and also to visit Helsinki which I had missed on my previous visit to Finland in 2015. I had hoped to take a few more pictures, but my camera batteries were really suffering in the cold. I was also suffering a bit in the cold, but this was quickly relieved with a visit to the sauna right in our Helsinki AirBnB appartment. What more does one need while on vacation?


Beautiful day for a ski.


Typical Finnish forest.


The Harrisson family out for their first ever cross country ski.


Skiers in motion.


Walking in Helsinki.


The Helsinki Cathedral.




1952 Olympic Stadium.


Shop window.


The Sibelius Monument (composer Jean Sibelius 1865-1957)


Off on yet another adventure.

2 responses to “Finland Vacation

    • Hi Nick! sorry – I’m terrible at replying to comments on here. So glad you had a good time – we will definitely have to plan a longer expedition next time! Greenland?

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