Tallinn, Estonia

After leaving Helsinki by ferry, we arrived in Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia just 2.5 hours later. I had made a brief visit to Tallinn last winter and liked it so much that I decided to return for another visit. My parents were also able to make the journey. It was lovely to see them since we live quite far apart, and I missed Christmas this year due to my schedule at the hospital.

Estonia is a Northern European country on the shores of the Baltic sea. It has a population of just 1.3 million people. Their language is very close to Finnish, and therefore it is essentially impossible to learn or understand anything on a short trip. It was nice to learn more about Estonian history on this visit, and it is excellent to see the country doing so well after celebrating just 25 years of independence.


Beautiful lower town.


Exploring the “creative city”.


Wood and steel.


Warming up in a cafe.


Aleksander Nevsky Cathedral.


Exploring the abandoned 1980 Olympic sailing venue.


Small door leading to the Holy Trinity Church.


Kadriorg Palace.


My parents.


The Kumu building of the Art Museum of Estonia.

5 responses to “Tallinn, Estonia

  1. Thanks for the awesome updates! Really glad things went so well! Looking forward to your next visit to Ontario đŸ™‚ xox

  2. It was quite a co-incidence meeting you in Tallinn airport! Hopefully our paths will cross again. Maybe at next years Gatineau Loppet, which we missed this year, since it was on the day we left for the Tartu Maraton.

  3. It is fascinating how Tallinn changes due to seasons, colorful and warm in summer, subtle and cold in winter. Is there a place in Tallinn that you remembered the most?

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