Autumn 2017

This autumn I made the difficult decision to leave New Brunswick. I left to be able to work in medical simulation, to be a bit closer to family, and to be closer to a major airport (since I’m still traveling like a madman!) I will certainly miss Campbellton, my coworkers at the hospital, and the members of Les Aventuriers ski club. I won’t miss Bathurst airport (ZBF) and it’s chronically low cloud ceiling though.

In the final weeks before my departure the fall colours were on fine display in Campbellton:DSCF0260DSCF0272DSCF0284I also made a short trip to Montreal and Montagne d’Argent:DSCF0367DSCF0371DSCF0403My parents visited and we explored the Restigouche River valley:DSCF0434DSCF0467The Baie des Chaleurs:DSCF0494DSCF0499Lac Prichard:DSCF0536And finally, a short trip to the Chic Choc mountains on the Gaspé peninsula with my friend Kevin:DSCF0550DSCF0553DSCF0576DSCF0584DSCF0596DSCF0632

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