Bath and Bristol

I took a short break from coaching during this ski racing season to visit Laura in England. Along with spending time in London, we visited the cities of Bath and Bristol on this whirlwind trip. Though most of my pictures are from the countryside, I was very impressed with the vibrancy of these two cities. There seemed to be more going on than one would expect from the size of these cities.

Canal boats in Bath:Still life with castle, pylon, beer, bench and girl. 

Details: Countryside outside Bath:If it’s not muddy, it’s not England. 

Laura finally found her place in the world:The Circus: Royal Crescent:

Roots:Bristol:A nice picture, but a bit out of focus!Colourful houses in Bristol:Cabot Tower on Brandon Hill in Bristol. The tower was built to celebrate the 400th anniversary of John Cabot’s sailing from Bristol to Canada. 

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