Spring 2018

Whether or not spring actually exists in Canada is a debatable subject. This year I did feel like there were some nice fresh spring like days between the snow of winter and humidity of summer. Since I have fallen behind on the blog, here is a mish-mash of pictures from late February to June of this year.

Coaching at a biathlon race in Chelsea, QC.

Laura made a trip to Canada and went cross country skiing for just the 3rd time in her life. Coach Petr was impressed!

Niagara falls on a chilly day.

The water was much more blue than I had ever seen it before.

As the weather started to warm, I met some friend to cycle around the Toronto Islands.

Toronto skyline from the ferry.

Cycling in strange places.

In May, I went climbing at Bon Echo provincial park – the first time I had ever been at a time other than autumn.

Beautiful views on clear spring day.

In June my friend Pat introduced me to bouldering in the Niagara Glen.

A unique feature in the rock.

Next I made a quick trip to Africa to see the White Nile – just kidding! This is just downstream from Niagara Falls.

Finally in June I was able to make a quick trip to Pemberton BC to attend the wonderful wedding of my friends Kat and Eric.

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