Bruce Peninsula

On a beautiful September weekend, my good friend Pat organised a small group of friends to go climbing and bouldering on the Bruce Peninsula, on the shores of Georgian Bay.

I had been to the Bruce Peninsula in August of 2017. On this trip I was eaten alive by mosquitoes and bitten by flies, so I was thrilled to see that all these insects were gone in September.

Many of the climbs at Lions Head are accessed from the top of the cliff, and there are spectacular views of the bright blue water all around.

Pat rappelling in to start a route.
Pat leading up.
Sean belaying among the curious trees.
Looking up from the base of a climb.
Evening light.
We stayed right until sunset.
On day two we headed further north west to a bouldering area.
The water level in Georgian Bay determines which climbs can be accessed.
Watching Dan start.
And reach for it!!!

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