In mid October, I headed to Ireland to participate in the Galway marathon. For the second year in a row, the Irish cross country ski team had been invited to rollerski the full marathon course at this event. I had missed the event last year, so I was keen to go this year.

We had four members of our team, and a guest from Norway join us for this excursion. The Olympic Council of Ireland very kindly lent us a van to drive from Dublin to Galway.

Brian (cross country and biathlon), Vegard (visiting from Norway), Dominic (team captain), Thomas (2018 Olympian) and me.
Skiing the course the evening before the main event.
Amazing weather the morning of the race.
Watching some runners go by.
Thomas being interviewed after the race.
A traditional Galway hooker fishing boat.
Walking along the seawall in the Claddagh (shore) section of Galway.

After the race Laura joined me and we spent a few days with my grandparents in the town of Clonmel in the south of Ireland. Despite the weather not being ideal, we made some trips into the Comeragh mountains.

Heading up into the fog.
Things cleared a bit so that we could see Coumshingaun.
This sheep didn’t want it’s picture taken.

Finally the weather cleared just as we were headed to Dublin for the last day of our short vacation.

The Garden of Remembrance at the northern end of O’Connell Street.
An exhibit at the Guinness factory symbolizing the nitrogen gas used to give the stout it’s characteristic texture.
Is one allowed to drink something other than stout at the Guinness factory? Of course! They make several types of beer, and the weather was more suited to a lager.
Street scene in Dublin.
Wrapping up the day with a stroll through Phoenix Park.

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