UK Christmas

This year I was able to take some time off to spend Christmas in England with Laura’s family. The weather was absolutely stunning and we took advantage of it to go on some lovely walks. Please believe me – these pictures really were taken in December in England!

Stunning weather.
It would be criminal not to be outside for a walk.
What a day to be a dog!
Lovely llamas. They didn’t seem bothered by the presence of a dog, and Toffee wasn’t particularly interested in them either.
Reaching the Brimham Rocks.
Interesting rock formations.
Our album cover photograph.
Toffee is still sometimes puzzled by my presence in the house, but she’s an absolutely fantastic dog.

The days were remarkably short so we had to make sure we were out and ready make the most of them, but the low angle sunlight was really nice.

Another excellent walk.
Group picture.
Evening walk near Saltburn.

Christmas in England was wonderful this year – long walks, and dark cold nights made for a wonderful contrast with the warmth, good company and delicious food inside.

Merry Christmas!
Morning visit to Fountains Abbey.

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