After a few days at home with Laura’s parents, we returned to London and then headed quickly to Wales with a fantastic group of friends for a few days in a cottage around New Years. We were near the village of Tretower in Wales – in the Brecon Beacons National Park.

The weather wasn’t nearly as nice as we had had around Christmas, but the group, large communal meals, and plenty of crosswords made up for the bit of mist we got.

A group of seven to start the week.
First walk of the trip.
Worsening weather on the second walk.
Things were looking grim for a bit.
But we cheered up for the summit photograph.
Happy hikers descending.
Back up into the mist.
Horses in the mist.
Clearing up in the evening.
Almost back at the cars.
Stunning weather on the morning we had to leave.
Abandoned jeep.
Horse on the horizon.
And a photogenic horse at that!
A brief shower and rainbow.
All seven made it through the week!

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