Shoulder Season

This autumn, Laura and I have been exploring the Canadian Rockies from Calgary as much as we can. Autumn in the Rockies can bring an unpredictable mix of slippery snow, or beautiful sunny days – a time of year often referred to as the “shoulder season” between summer and winter.

At the beginning of October we made a canoeing and hiking trip to the Upper Kananaskis Lake with friends.

Upper Kananaskis Lake
Making pancakes for breakfast.
Photo: Laura H.
Exploring by foot.
Photo: Laura H.
Afternoon canoe excursion.
Happy to be out paddling.
Photo: Steve R.
Beautiful morning.
A fine end to the trip.
A quick hike up Grizzly Creek to wrap up the weekend.
Photo: Laura H.

The next weekend we experienced a dramatic change in weather as we headed back to the Kingston, Ontario area for Canadian Thanksgiving at the cottage.

Beautiful fall colours.
Photo: Laura H.
A misty day.
Photo: Laura H.
Beautiful evening swimming weather (though the water was chilly!).
Photo: Laura H.

Later in October we had a visit from our friend Jo. We began by exploring the town of Banff and some local trails, and popped into the famous Banff Springs hotel for a cup of tea. To finish up the day, the girls went for a hike around Lake Minnewanka, while I got some early season skiing in Canmore before returning to meet the girls back at the lake.

Banff Springs hotel for tea.
Photo: Laura H.
Changing weather.
Photo: Laura H.
Opening weekend at “Frozen Thunder” in Canmore.
Lake Minnewanka.
Photo: Laura H.
Jo and Laura enjoying the beautiful evening light.
The Three Sisters from a (semi) secret spot in Canmore.
Photo: Laura H.

On Sunday, we drove a bit west of Banff and headed up towards Lac Bourgeau, which to our slight disappointment was already frozen over and snow covered.

Hiking into winter.
Photo: Laura H.
Near Lac Bourgeau.

For the last weekend of October we stayed a bit closer to home and explored the Kananaskis area around Barrier Lake and Yamnuska.

East shoulder of Yamnuska.
Photo: Laura H.
Crossing under the main face of Yamnuska towards the West.
Photo: Laura H.

In early November we headed to Lake Louise for a hike up to the Plain of Six Glaciers teahouse (unfortunately closed) and the lookout (unfortunately largely cloud obscured) a bit past there.

Lake Louise, with some daring skaters enjoying the thin ice.
Photo: Laura H.
Swans at the far end of the lake.
Photo: Laura H.
Near the Plain of Six Glaciers area.

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