Ridge Hikes

As the summer progresses, snow is retreating from the mountains and we have been able to hike higher in the mountains and along some spectacular ridges.

Nihahi Creek

Clearly not a ridge pictured below. We had planned to hike Nihahi Ridge but when a thunderstorm rolled by, we decided it would be more prudent to hike the trail along the adjacent creek.

Wasootch Ridge

This hike is extremely popular due to its spectacular views which can be reached in a short time. We woke up far earlier than I would recommend on a Sunday morning, and enjoyed early morning light and a cool breeze. By the time we were descending we encountered more people than we have seen anywhere in the Rockies so far.

As the ridge gets more challenging the farther you go, simply stop for lunch when you stop feeling comfortable and then turn back home.

Mist Ridge

To celebrate the summer solstice (June 20th this year) we tried to plan a very long loop walk. The Mist ridge seemed to be the perfect candidate. We enjoyed the walk along the ridge so much that we decided not to finish our loop through a valley, and simply returned the 12.5km we had come along the ridge to make for a nice 25km walk on the longest day of the year.

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