Waterton Lakes

After changing some summer vacation plans, we decided to take 3 days off in June to head to Waterton Lakes national park. This national park is 3hrs south of Calgary, along the border with Montana. On the American side of the border lies the larger Glacier National Park.

In 2017 large parts of the park were burned by a large wildfire. It was interesting to see how this had affected the landscape.

Day 1

Our first day in the park brought some rain, as we hiked south along Upper Waterton Lake towards the American border. Though crossing isn’t an option now due to coronavirus, it was interesting to see signs explaining how to get crossing authorization using a phone app.

New life in the burned area.

Day 2

On our second day we headed to the NE corner of the park to explore the area around Lakeview Ridge. We started our hike along Red Rock Canyon Parkway – currently closed to cars. If our trip had been longer it would have been interesting to cycle further along this road.

Don’t worry, the bear is just a metal cutout. It is quite alarming at first glance though! I’m not really sure it serves a useful purpose.

Day 3

On our last day we hiked to Alderson lake and had intended to continue to the Carthew Lakes and Carthew summit. Ultimately this wasn’t possible in early June due to lots of snow remaining in the mountains.

No easy path to be found through the snowbank over my left shoulder.
The Prince of Wales hotel, opened in 1927 by the Great Northern Railway company.
A windy afternoon on the shores of Upper Waterton Lake.

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