First Snows

Calgary and the Rockies are now firmly into “shoulder season”, an odd time between autumn and winter where snow flies, only to largely melt away again as temperatures fluctuate. It’s a tricky time of year where both hiking and skiing can be suboptimal. But as you can guess, we’ve been doing both, and have been having a lovely time outside.

Apart from work, walking and skiing, we also took some photos of the cards Laura has singlehandedly taken from design to commercial printing. Check out her online shop HERE!

The pictures below are in chronological order. I’ve included the dates so that you can see that winter has become a bit confused and seems to be progressing backwards.

October 17th – hooray for snow!
October 18th – cougar tracks in Banff national park.
Sundance Canyon
Sundance Canyon
Sundance Canyon
Oct. 18 – first skiing of the season – Moraine Lake Road
Moraine Lake Road
An old friend returns – snow hares in our neighbourhood only visit when the snow arrives.
Oct. 24 – Bragg Creek – midwinter conditions
Getting used to having funny sticks attached to the legs again.
Nov. 1st – Powderface Ridge
Nov. 11th – Barrier Lake
Nov. 14 – Glenmore Ranch Provincial Park
Nov. 15 – Snagmore Loop
Nov. 15 – Boundary Ridge
Nov. 15 – white tailed deer

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