Farewell 2020

If you are reading this, I hope you and your family have had a restful winter break, wherever you may be. Since my last post in mid November, temperatures around Calgary continued to be above average, with little snow on the ground. Work stayed busy for both of us, and we continued going on weekend adventures. Many thanks to Laura for her many great pictures in this edition of the blog. I’ve got an updated camera and new lens on the way for the new year, so I hope to be taking interesting pictures again soon. Lately we’ve been more focused on skiing as many kilometers as possible – over 500km already this season! If things continue as well as they have, I’m on track to have the best ski season since 2015. Alas, there isn’t a single competition in sight anywhere on the calendar to test my fitness, and Laura was looking forward to getting ready for her first ever xc ski race. But we can’t complain, the mountains have been good to us this early winter.

Nov. 21 – on the shores of lower Kananaskis lake.
Nov. 28 – Elbow River
Sheep River area – replenishing vitamin D on a ridiculously warm December 5th.
Dec. 5th – overlooking the closed (for winter) Sheep River Road/Hwy 546.

After a lovely hike in the Sandy McNabb area on Saturday, we returned on Sunday with bicycles to take advantage of the winter road closure. These mountain highway road closures are an absolute blessing. They provide a safe space for both families and serious cyclists to ride in amazing scenery without the noise and danger of motorized traffic.

Dec. 6th – back in the same area, but with bicycles.
Sheep on the road!
15kms one way to Sheep River Falls.

This year we discovered that Alberta has a Personal Use Forest Products Permit (PUFPP, rolls off the tongue) program which allows residents to harvest Christmas trees in carefully designated and mapped zones. We took advantage to cut ourselves a very nice little Christmas tree for the holidays.

Dec. 6th – taking a Christmas tree home.
Dec. 12 – winter returns to the mountains – Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.

Over our holiday break we have cross country skied (both classic and skate) on 10 of 11 days. On Christmas day we went on a lovely snowshoe trip which was especially fantastic since 50cm of snow had fallen just few days before, and was still completely undisturbed in the area we ventured into.

Christmas Day snowshoeing.
Overlooking Barrier Lake.
Christmas sausages (cut lengthways for faster cooking and exploded – in case you were worried it was road kill)!
Returning home along the shores of Barrier Lake.
Christmas cake!

Along with all the skiing and eating, we’ve fit in two short ice skating sessions.

Dec. 30th – skating trail in Bowness park – great idea, atrocious ice quality.
Dec. 31 – back in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.
Skiing in paradise – the upper meadows on the Tyrwhitt trail (as high as 1987m above sea level).
Cruising in the sun.
Happy New Year!

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