Peak Summer

While work has been busy, and the Covid situation dismal in Alberta, we have still been able to get out on weekend adventures. Sunday nights often include drying out the tent, and packing up for the next midweek work travel trip. Let’s try something new for this blog post – one picture per trip (with just a few exceptions for the really beautiful trips), from mid-June to mid-September.

June 12 – Mt. Burke – 2382m
June 20 – Jumpingpound Ridge to Cox Hill – 2211m – Just keep walking!
June 26, 27 – backcountry camping (and swimming!) at Three Isle Lake.
July 2 – Cypress Hills during the heat wave.
July 3 – Forget Me Not Ridge.
July 10 – Carnarvon Lake.
July 10 – Carnarvon Lake descent.
July 18th – Lawson Lake.
July 19 – evening on Nihahi Ridge.
July 24 – flatlands beyond Aster Lake.
July 25 – Rawson Ridge above Upper Kananaskis Lake.
August 7 – Jumpingpound Mountain.
August 14 – crossing the Highwood River en route to the Zephyr creek pictographs.
August 15 – staying active in thick wildfire smoke (somewhere off Hwy 68).
August 22 – Bloedel Conservatory, Vancouver.
August 28 – Buller pass in the afternoon.
August 29 – Buller Pass in the early morning.
September 4 – first view of Mt. Assiniboine.
September 5 – day hike (from Lake Magog campsite) to Nub Peak.
September 6 – Mt. Assiniboine in early morning light.
September 6 – descending via Wonder Pass.
September 11 – Rowe Lakes, Waterton Lakes National Park.
September 12 – Akamina Ridge, Waterton Lakes National Park.

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