Juan de Fuca Trail

In late September we had planned to make a visit to the UK, but sadly that ultimately wasn’t possible. Not wanting to waste our booked vacation time, we threw together a rather last minute trip to Canada’s west coast. We flew to Victoria BC, and from there drove to the starting point of the Juan de Fuca coastal hiking trail.

This trail is 47km long, but due to its extremely steep and continuous ups and downs, progress is very slow. It is usually backpacked over 4 nights. We were on a somewhat limited schedule, and it was also logistically easier to do the southern portion of the trail in an out and back fashion.

Most of the trail is in the woods, surrounded by enormous trees.
Descending to Bear Beach.
Crossing a freshwater stream (fill up your water bottle, but keep your boots dry).
Pausing to smell the roses during lunch.
More small details.
Taking a well deserved break (or, is that Jane Goodall?!)
Camping at Chin Beach after a very long 21km day.
Morning at Chin Beach.
Contemplating the trail.
Late afternoon at Bear Beach.
A nice cozy spot for the night.
Evening tea…
… with a view.
Waiting for sunset.
Rock on a Pillar – the name becomes apparent at low tide.
Day trip to Sandcut Beach – after the main hike.
Otter and gull prints.
French Beach.
Sheringdon Point Lighthouse.

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