Larch Days

Last year we declared a new holiday – Larch Day – which falls around the 3rd weekend in September. I regret that the calculations that determine the exact date must remain confidential for now. Just as last year, we were very fortunate and the weather and larch colours cooperated to make for a fantastic day.

Entering the alpine zone behind Sunshine Ski resort.
Too many options!
Rock Isle Lake.
Continuing along the Citadel Pass trail.
Our first views of Howard Douglas Lake.
Chilly, but fabulously invigourating!
The weather changed dramatically overnight.
Heading down in the mist.

Earlier this summer we were able to book a camping spot (and associated bus seats; to reduce private vehicle traffic) at Lake O’Hara – a very popular location in the Canadian Rockies. Our camping reservations were for October 2nd – the last night the campground was officially open.

Lake O’Hara from above.
Laura above Hungabee Lake.
Larches in full colour.
Reflecting pool (possibly one of the Cascade Lakes).
Mary Lake in the foreground, with Lake O’Hara behind.
Can you spot the mysterious forest creature in it’s lair?

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