Early Winter 21/22

After our lovely trips in the autumn it was time to wait for the snow to fly again…

Glorious autumn in Ottawa (Canadian Thanksgiving weekend).
October 24th – snow hits the ridge tops. It made progress across these rocks slippery, so it was time to turn back.
But before heading down, it was time for a tea!
Halloween weekend, Cox Hill.
Mid – November, very windy and snow accumulating, time to head back again.
Much easier heading out of the wind.
Still warm and sunny in the lowlands.
Early December – backcountry skiing before the groomer came through.
I don’t use these metal edged skis often, but when I do, I have a great time!
Picking out our Christmas tree. (not officially sponsored by Husky tools, but they get the job done)
Beat the groomer out to the trails again!
Making Christmas decorations…
… and putting them on the tree.
Christmas day excursion.
Making a fire.
Wear all the clothes you’ve got!
Ice climbing in absolutely frigid conditions.
Oh no! Despite all our precautions we still got Covid.
Fortunately I had some LEGO set aside to pass the quarantine time.
It was also brutally cold outside so we didn’t miss out on too much skiing.
Back in action!
Happy to be outside again.
Excellent skiing on some of our favourite trails.
Returning after a big day outside.
Working in Fort McMurray – -30C even before the wind-chill. Brrr.

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