Late Summer

For two weeks in August, Laura and I embarked on a whirlwind tour of Southern Ontario and Montreal. We managed to see many friends, new babies, prominent cities, swam outside countless times, and had a wonderful time disconnecting from the internet and social media for almost the entire fortnight. The only possible downside was that we had to drive on 11 of our 13 days together to make this all happen. That, and the mosquitoes. Oh yes, there were more than a few mosquitoes in Ontario this summer.

Our trip began with three days of canoeing in Frontenac park.



Next we headed north-north west towards the Bruce Peninsula, arriving a bit later than we intended.


We began our trip in the busiest parts of the Bruce Peninsula National Park, where the waters are spectacularly clear and blue.


Some areas (such as “The Grotto”) were absurdly busy, but we were also able to find many quiet relaxing spots (unfortunately the mosquitoes and flies were also well acquainted with these places).DSCF0038

Contemplating the vastness of the Great Lakes (and Georgian Bay is just an offshoot of Lake Huron).


Finding a peaceful moment of escape from the mosquitoes and flies.


The “High Dump” backcountry campsites are located at a fantastic remote beach on the shores of Georgian Bay.


The tent sites are located among the trees, but the beach is not far away.




Apparently we weren’t the only creatures enjoying the fantastic location, but fortunately we didn’t have any visits from our furrier friends.


After two nights of camping we turned south and spent a night at Sauble Falls provincial park.


Our trip finished with some time in Toronto, followed by short stops in Ottawa and Montreal.


Just another millenial posting pictures of food on his blog:


Public art in Toronto.


Laura had never tried oysters before. Lots of interesting food to be found in Toronto.


Public art in Ottawa, and a good way to end this blog post – looking forward to winter again!


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