2015 Season Preparation

After settling into my new job in June, I decided to return to training to prepare for the upcoming ski season. I have been pleasantly surprised with the volume and quality of training that I have been able to complete while working full time. There are certainly challenges – mainly in the form of working 12 hours shifts – sometimes overnight. I have had to adjust my training in order to get enough rest and stay healthy. There is a fantastic ski and biathlon community in Northern New Brunswick which has welcomed me with open arms. I have joined the biathlon club and am slowly working on my shooting skills. I was also able to travel to Frozen Thunder in Canmore in November to get some early skiing in. I returned to natural snow in Campbellton in the middle of November and have been skiing ever since!

This winter I have scheduled a nice mix of races – some local events, and my major competitions this year should be Eastern Canadian Championships, and World Championships in Falun, Sweden – if all goes well. If things go really well I’ve also got my eye on racing a Worldloppet in Finland, completing my first biathlon race, and finally racing a 50km skate race (I have raced the 50km classic three times, but have not yet tried the distance with skate).



A time trial with the local boys.


Frozen Thunder 2014.


Frost in the beard – winter is here!


Less snow in Canmore than we had last year.


There was more snow higher in the mountains – though there were still some hazards along the way!


Beautiful views from the Moraine Lake Road.


Farewell to the Rockies.


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