Northern Minnesota

A few weeks ago, my good friend Alex called together his closest friends to celebrate his upcoming marriage. Five of us gathered from various corners of North America and met in Minneapolis/St. Paul. We then proceed to pile ourselves and all our kit into a car, and drove 4 hours north to the small town of Ely. From there we spent a marvelous four days canoeing in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. This vast area connects to Quetico Provincial Park to the north in Canada; one could literally spend weeks canoeing throughout this region.

We had beautiful weather during our trip and saw loons, a beaver, and the most spectacular display of northern lights I have ever seen. Unfortunately we didn’t have a proper camera with us to take any long exposure photographs. Wishing everyone a good end to this summer, and all the best in the coming school year!


Warming dishwater in the beautiful evening light.


I caught a big one! (I did actually, but not when this photo was taken.)


Hammock in the evening SE wind (presaging a storm).


Trying to topple a tree…


Still life of the kitchen area in the evening.


The boys.


Sleeping without tent flys in the heat.


Evening contemplation.


Contemplation interrupted.


Thanks for the memories Minnesota!

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