Winter 2021

It seems that this winter has come and gone. It was certainly an odd one in terms of work, Covid restrictions and so on, but I did manage to ski over 50 days and 1300km.

In January we explored some new trails in the Lake Louise / Pipestone area:

We celebrated Valentine’s Day with some nice new Lego, and fried chicken:

I took a few black and white photographs:

In March my friends convinced me to take part in the virtual edition of the Canadian Ski Marathon. Unfortunately the weather didn’t quite cooperate and skiing 50km/day for two days was a bit tricky in frozen tracks with fresh sticky snow on top.

The best part of the virtual Canadian Ski Marathon experience was camping in the Kananaskis area.

Waking up with the sun to head back to the ski trails:

Later in March we took a Monday off to go downhill skiing at Lake Louise. I always try to get at least one day of downhill skiing in each season, and I had never been to Lake Louise. Since we went on a Monday, crowds were minimal and the whole experience was very pleasant.

Now that we are into April, “microspikes” have become essential hiking equipment to deal with icy trails. In the picture below, we each have a different model on each foot to test the difference between the two. We’ve found that the Kahtoola Microspikes are best for icy trails, whereas the Yaktrax Pro Ice model isn’t great for solid ice, but can be a nice choice for slippery sidewalks in town.

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