Spring 2022

This spring in the Rockies near Calgary has been marked by rain, and a persistent snowpack which has delayed our hiking adventures (and brought relief to farmers, so we can’t be upset). Nevertheless, we found opportunities to get outside and explore new places. For me, this started with a trip to the Geneva Health Forum.

I was there to present the Valence InVent Xtend medical device.

We tried to do some cycling, but the snowpack (and grizzly tracks!) had other ideas.

Before the mosquitoes appeared in force, we participated in a 6hr orienteering event east of Edmonton.

In June we were lucky to be visited by our friends from the UK. We spent some time with them in Kananaskis country, and encountered more snow than expected.

Next, we explored some areas around the Sheep River.

As the rains passed, we had some lovely time around Ribbon Creek and the Kananaskis Lakes.

A brief work trip brought me to the Charlevoix area of Quebec, along the shores of the St. Lawrence River.

Finally, summer seemed to be arriving and we attended the Western Canadian Orienteering Championships. It even got hot enough to warranty trying to swim in the cold waters of Barrier Lake.

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