Summer 2022

Spring turned to summer and the abundant snowpack slowly melted away, helping to keep forest fires at bay. We started off the main hiking season with a favourite that we missed last year – Centennial Ridge to Mt. Allan.

Can you spot me in the picture below? That’s a big rock pillar/flake!

In late July we revisited the beautiful Lawson Lake – Turbine Canyon – Maude Lake area.

Never miss an opportunity for a frigid dip:

The final weekend in July took us to another location we had visited last summer – Three Isle Lake – but this time we made an extension up onto Northover Ridge.

Fortunately we had plenty of sunscreen with us on this exposed ridge.

Heading back down to camp at Three Isle Lake.

Heading back home along Three Isle Creek:

Overall this summer we did less hiking and camping, as we were preparing ourselves for a 16km race as part of the Moose Mountain trail races. Temperatures stayed cool on race day and Laura and I both had fantastic runs, meeting the time goals we had set for ourselves.

Later in August we explored some less frequented options in the Powderface Ridge area.

Finally we closed out the summer with a trip south to Waterton Lakes national park. As always, the park lived up to its reputation and delivered some water from the sky!

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