Autumn 2022

Despite having declared the summer over in my previous blog post, the weather had other ideas. This autumn was dubbed “hot-umn” in the Calgary area. Consequently we enjoyed at least six more glorious weekends before the snow flew.

We started with a trip up to the Sunshine Meadows. Laura’s parents – Jackie and Steve were able to join us for a wonderful few weeks. They hadn’t been able to visit us in Canada since February 2020 so this was a great return trip.

Daytrip towards the Citadel Pass area.

Evenings in Calgary were also graced with some beautiful sunsets:

Our next autumn hike took us up to Buller Pass.

Later in September we had another look at the Sunshine Meadows area, and this time the larch trees put on a real show.

We made a detour to visit the Healy Pass area.

Looking NW from Sunshine Meadows:

Rock Isle Lake:

We camped at one of our favourite spots, Howard Douglas Lake.

The fine weather continued into October and we visited the Sheep River area. We were fortunate to be able to share this amazing time with good friends from England who were able to visit us after Jackie and Steve had returned home.

As well as the Kananaskis Lakes:

We also explored a less known peak in the Highwood area – Mount Mann.

Our route took us along the interesting path of Lower Cataract creek.

Finally we set off early one morning to beat the crowds to Tent Ridge – a massively popular hike near the Mt. Shark area. The early morning was worth it and we got a beautiful view of the Spray lakes reservoir.

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