Red Rocks

In January I transitioned from one job to another. I spent a week in between exploring and bouldering in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area of Nevada.

We had fantastic weather for two days, and began with some bouldering in the Calico Basin area.

My friend Pat worked on some very tricky bouldering problems.

Missing from these pictures is the day where we were hit with heavy snowfall and rain. The camping became very cold, water froze in the campground plumbing system. As the red sandstone of the area needs to dry out thoroughly before resuming climbing we changed plans and explored Death Valley National park in California.

Cracked earth in the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes area.

The fantastically named village of Furnace Creek.

Sunset near the Zabriskie Point area.

Eventually things started to dry out again, and we did some more bouldering around Las Vegas – first on volcanic rock that isn’t prone to fracturing after rain, and later in the week back at Calico Basin.

Road trip still life with toothbrush, breakfast and climbing shoes.

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